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You cannot believe the week I've had!

Phew. So much good stuff going on. As you may know, I launched my one-woman show "A Hero's Journey: Coming Home" and that's been going really well. (Another show Saturday June 5 - mark your calendars if you'd like to be in the virtual audience!)

I started writing that show - which is a mix of personal story and the songs that underscore my transformation story as a breast cancer survivor and more - a year ago. Around the same time, I started writing a book. I was fortunate to go to Martha's Vineyard in the Autumn of 2020 for a two-week writer's residency, where I was able to get so much writing done. That was an amazing grant that I applied for and received - a true golden opportunity!

I've also been writing music for commercials, film and tv and that's starting to reap some placements which is SO great, and so so fun. Last week, a music supervisor loved one of the songs I co-wrote and sang on, and a sync licensing agency signed an agreement with me and my co-writers to represent the song.

BUT. As if this wasn't enough amazingness, this past week I signed a publishing agreement for my book! So my book will be ready for release around the end of August.

I will tell you - I have been envisioning these changes and this path for some time now, but really wholeheartedly visualizing and attracting what I want in my life consistently for the last year. And I am starting to see the shifts and the abundance come into my life in a big way.

I am hosting a one-hour, free workshop to share some of the processes that I have learned and used to create major shifts in my life. And if you'd like some of that goodness, if you'd like to learn about creating your ideal life, email me and join one of the calls:

May 15 at 2PM EST or May 18 at 8PM EST.

It will be fun and oh so eye-opening. It's been life-changing for me, quite literally.

I wish you a beautiful day/week!



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