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Coming Home: Be the Hero of Your Own Story
(regardless of previous chaos, choices and chapters)

by Karen Novy

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About Karen Novy

Karen Novy is a songwriter, performer, transformation coach, author and motivational
speaker. She believes deeply in the healing power of music and has seen it touch
hearts and transform lives.


Karen is a positive, powerful, heart-centered being who is dedicated to her mission to be an unstoppable force for love and healing in the world.

In the past year, Karen Novy wrote and launched her one-woman show "A Hero's
Journey: Coming Home", an inspirational performance piece which is part storytelling,
part song-telling. In addition, she has published her first book, "Coming Home: Be the
Hero of Your Own Story (regardless of previous chaos, choices and chapters)".

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This book is a simple read that is loaded with deeply thoughtful and moving anecdotes on life, love and the quest for personal joy and mental freedom. I know the author wrote it after her journey with breast cancer, but the ideas and wisdom shared within these pages goes far beyond that. And it is written in a way that is easy to revisit and extract knowledge from when we need a "refresher" in life (as we all do sometimes). It spoke to me and I truly appreciated it!


I’ve enjoyed picking up this book. The chapters are small and don’t require a lot of dedicated time to read them. Perfectly digestible for a busy person. Lovely and inspiring.


This is a gem among self-help books. Full of inspiring, motivating, thought provoking, soul searching advice! Anyone can benefit from this honest & personal manual for living your best life.


This is a must-have guide in becoming reacquainted with your true self. Ms. Novy uses her own experiences to light the path of the readers’ lives to expose negative behaviors and mentalities formed out of survival that are no longer of service. Her words are like mirrors that allow the readers to see themselves honestly and truly, and they aid greatly in the abandonment of learned chaos and the rejection of operating outside of one’s calling and purpose. This book guides us to accept and access our best and truest essence and reclaim our lives by allowing us to dream big and fully. The healing and loving energy inside Ms. Novy spills out and touches all who read her amazing book, and I look forward to her future works!

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