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I help leaders develop a supportive and thriving culture by engaging their team members holistically: 

encouraging and incorporating awareness, creativity and deep communication in all for the best organizational outcome 

I believe every voice matters and that we are all creative beings
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My Talks and Workshops

Keynote Talks

  • Supercharge your Impact through Creative Leadership: Awareness, Creativity, and Communication. This talk assists you in seeing the value of heart-centered leadership and truly holistic support of your team.

  • The Power of Possibility: Exploring the intersection of mindfulness, music and mindset
    In this talk, we discuss the power of the subconscious mind, and learn how to free our voice and use techniques to empower ourselves for creative transformation


Group Workshops

  • Freeing Your Voice for Well-Being (includes toning, vocalizing, and grounding exercises)

  • Powerful, Positive Communication 

  • TEAM-Building

**All talks can feature musical components

  • Music concert: 60-90 minutes (can be add-on experience for VIP conference attendees)

  • "A Hero’s Journey: Coming Home": 60 minutes


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to engage and assist. Let's connect.