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I help organizations support their team members holistically through awareness, communication and creativity coaching so that everyone benefits.

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There is a great need for integrating the wholeness of a person in their personal and work environments and engaging them to create the work/life harmony that they desire for themselves. Empowering people to speak up, share their gifts, and bring their whole self to each experience means creating more passionate, fulfilled people who level up and offer their creativity and purposeful work to better not only your organization, but their families, communities and the world.

When people do not feel seen and heard, if they don't feel they are contributing in a meaningful way, they can become burnt out, less productive and generally unhappy. 

About Karen

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Karen Novy is a vocal empowerment facilitator, speaker and teaching artist.

Karen is also a breast cancer survivor whose diagnosis and subsequent healing propelled her to recognize the silver linings of her diagnosis, and step into her mission and message with passionate purpose. She believes in the healing power of music, and the trauma-healing power of our own voices. She speaks from the heart and guides audiences to deep and powerful moments of self-realization. Her talks leave people feeling motivated and valued for who they are and the gifts that they offer. She believes in the unequivocal power of self-love and self-care.

In the past year, Karen launched her one-woman show, "A Hero's Journey: Coming Home" (an inspirational performance piece with story and song) and published her first book "Coming Home: Be the Hero of Your Own Story". She facilitates vocal empowerment workshops to help participants freely express and connect with their voice. She teaches public speaking techniques for accessing and embodying one’s message with confidence and clarity. She empowers leaders to lead with a holistic approach to their team members, with awareness, creativity, and growth mindset.


Speaking Topics

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Supercharge your Impact through Creative Leadership

Have you ever noticed how much easier business flows when you are in a relaxed and open state of mind? Have you noticed sometimes how the less you manage, the better the workflow of your team members? This talk guides leaders through the 3 most important areas to pay attention to while developing a thriving workplace culture, in these “new normal” times: Awareness, Creativity, and Communication.


This talk assists you in seeing the value of heart-centered leadership and truly holistic support of your team.

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The Power of Possibility

In this talk, we discuss the power of the subconscious mind, and how we can decide to rewrite the automatic programming that has been running our story. Attendees are empowered to pay attention to their thoughts, words and reactivity. We explore how tamping down our voice and our truth creates stagnant energy and blocks our unique expression.


We learn how to free our voice and use techniques to empower ourselves for creative transformation.


Thank you for your leadership with our teachers. This was valuable not only for them but for their students. I look forward to working together with you soon.

Jeremy Tucker, NBCT, MM

Director of Arts Education, Durham Public Schools

Thank you for all that you do for our patients! The feedback and participation in this group has been wonderful, and it makes me so happy to see our patients getting so much out of this. And I really believe that most of that is due to your presence and spirit as the group leader.

Matt Pennachi

Duke Cancer Institute Patient Support Services


Karen started coaching me this year during a very transitional point in my life, having just left my 24-year career in finance to pursue music full time. My sessions with Karen are so valuable and inspiring! Karen is an excellent communicator, listener, she is funny, positive, and, most of all, encouraging. I really value my sessions with her.

Steven Feldman
Former Executive Director at JP Morgan, now Passionate Music Producer

Karen is a great synthesizer of issues, challenges and truths, and helped me to work on things through both a big picture lens and in detailed ways. Plus she introduced me to various approaches for “me” time – including guided meditation, vocal toning, and journaling.


Ingrid R.

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