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Winter Simmer: We are as the trees

We are like the trees in the wintertime. All you can see is the structure, the bones,

the branches blowing bare, skeleton-like in the wind. In the wintry wind.

And as the tree, so are we.

Because we can bare our soul, we can drop the masks, we can live inside ourselves like a cave: comfortable, curious, wondering and waiting to see what the spring might bring. Sending roots farther down into the earth, using this time to feed and strengthen our roots to sustain us through the wintertime.

This is the time we pull over the covers and percolate and simmer. These are the long darker days, meant to help us slow down and remember who we are and what we are here to bring to the world.

Beyond the simmering, we can see: the beautiful, fertile plot of land, the soil of our hearts and minds readying for new seed, new ideas, new experiences and amazing, abundant growth.

We are as the trees. 

Enjoy the simmering.

Lots of love,


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