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What can your voice do for you?

Join me this Saturday February 11 @ 11am EST to find out how powerful your voice can be as a tool for relaxation, well-being, and healing. There is SO much research being done about sound vibration and how we can lower our cortisol levels and calm our overstimulated nervous systems by creating sound vibration in our own body.

I cannot wait to share with you the tools and techniques I have learned!

And to be clear, you do not have to consider yourself a lovely singer to learn and benefit from this process. You don't even have to have your video camera or mic on. I will simply be guiding you in the various techniques for YOUR own use and benefit.

These are SIMPLE (but not easy: they don't help unless you remember to do them!) tools that you can take with you and begin using right away to support your well-being and create calm presence in your daily life.

So, join me Saturday February 11 @ 11am EST. We show others an outpouring of love all the time. Turn some of that love, care and compassion towards yourself by logging on for an hour of self-care and ME time :-) Bring a pen and paper too. Here's the link to register:

See ya in the Zoom room. xoxo


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