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Monday Musings

We all have different stories that got us here, different paths leading us to this moment - while we all have similar stories (-- can you feel me on that?) Meaning -- we all have a beautiful sacred light within us, and we’ve all had wounds and experiences that have covered up that light, made us want to protect our hearts, to wrap them up and hold them safe -- we may even have built some walls around that, and then a fence around that.

But we all share the capacity and desire for Love and Joy. We all want to receive compassion and kindness, we all want to find our purpose and live that purpose with Joy every day. We all want to be at peace inside ourselves, we all want to Love and Be Loved. And that Love starts with ourselves.

Myself at 8 years old. I went back and told her that she is enough, that she is worthy, that she is loved.

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