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Let's Talk About LOVE.

What do you love about yourself? What is it about you that is wonderful? Unique? What are your gifts and abilities, things you want to share with the world or bring to your community? Make a list! Let your pen flow with all the reasons, all the goodness. Is there anything that you’re hiding? That you are afraid of bringing to the light? Is there anything that you’re passionate about, that you'd love to explore or do...but you tamp down, or you suppress your desire because you think it isn’t possible?

Looking inside ourselves takes courage. Diving deep into who we think we are, only to find who we really are, is an act of bravery. Peeling back the covers, the layers that disconnect us from ourselves, (which ultimately keeps us disconnected from the Whole) - it is a (s)hero's journey. You are the only one that can discover, celebrate, and truly love yourself. You are the one who can find joy, gratitude, and peace in knowing and celebrating your authentic truth. When we look at ourselves with deep love, kindness, and compassion, we start to heal, we learn, we can focus on our growth, on the process, the journey, and we can share our love and gifts with the world.


Coming home to oneself

Is the greatest experience

A human being can have

Waking up to the profound idea that

You, and you alone, are the master of your destiny,

Responsible for your happiness

Free to choose your path

To dive inside yourself

And remember your very essence.

To celebrate your unique divinity

To pursue your life's dream

To realize your potential

To create where there was none.

To accept each day as a gift,

A chance, an offering,

A precious and fleeting moment.

Listening to the voice,

The one that guides you and

Has guided you since before you can remember.

Resuming your Wholeness.

Reclaiming your Joy.

Returning to Love.


From my book "Coming Home: Be the Hero of Your Own Story" available on and

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