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Harvest - Now and Later

Hello there friends! I have been thinking a lot about the many things I am grateful for: one, that we live in a time and place that I can send, and you can receive, this offering of love through this digital outlet! How cool is that?!

When I was a kid watching the Jetsons, it was pure imagination - the idea that people could connect through screens - the idea that I can call my best friend now, and see HER FACE while we talk??! - such a cool and amazing gift of this era.

Also, WATER...(am I right?!) Every time I turn on the tap to shower, or go to my fridge to get a glass of filtered water, I think, WOW, I am so very lucky. There are so many people in the world who do not have access to clean water. (speaking of, Charity:water is one of my favorite orgs to support) We in this country enjoy a very simple need fulfilled, and such a gift.

I'm sure you have plenty you could list, and I encourage you to sit down and do so. I'm not such a traditional Thanksgiving holiday kinda gal, but I DO LOVE taking time daily to reflect on what I am grateful for, what I have and experience that seems simple but is such a lovely gift. And gratitude generates such positive energy, to boot!

On to the Harvest:

What we ponder on, give energy to, think and imagine -- those things become our reality. The seeds of thought and energy we sow today, in this very moment, become the plants and flowers that we see manifest in our life, on a wee bit of a delay.

So choose wisely. Choose consciously. Choose like your life depended on it. Because your life, the creative and magical life that you imagine, that you would love to live and experience every does depend on it.

Use your imagination, your creative power, to envision what you want to see and experience, either in your own life, or in your community, or on Mother Earth. The influence of conscious thought is fierce and powerful.

I wish you a life full of love and joy and gratitude.

Beep beep boop boop...


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