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Dreams and Possibility

I believe in dreams. I believe in possibility. I believe we all deserve to love and be loved...primarily, first and foremost, to love ourselves deeply and completely. All other love comes out of that. I believe we create our reality through the thoughts that we think and the words that we speak. I believe that, deep down, we all want joy and abundance and to be truly authentic.

I lost my way a long time ago. I kept burying my heart, my truth, because I didn't feel worthy, I felt scared, and I subconsciously wanted to play it safe and small. I know first-hand that the protective mechanisms around my heart really did serve me at one point. But now, I choose to let them go. I thank the part of myself that kept me safe when I needed it most. And now...I choose to drop the walls around my heart, to love myself deeply and completely, and to take risks and step into my power. I choose to step into my truth and to live my dreams and imagine all of the possibility, knowing full well that everything I see and desire for my life is on its way, is already in the works.

My book is being published! I really want to give you a sneak peak of the cover. I love it SO much. As I re-read the manuscript from the past year's writing work, I think to myself (among some tears I shed) what an amazing gift this is. I am grateful to have had this experience and I am grateful to be able to share it with you. Publication date: October 18.

This journey is truly magnificent, and the more I open up to it and trust the process, the more grand it reveals itself to be. Beyond my wildest imaginings. Or more accurately, these ARE my wildest imaginings. And then some! AND I get to keep on going, to be open and to create this life experience, this journey. And you do, too. That's the best part. We truly can have, be and experience anything that we can dream up. I hope that my book and my songs help you to Remember, to Dream, to Love.

You truly are The Hero of Your Own Story.

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Morning Karen, from the other shoreline, :) thanks for morning thoughts. Wow, you are publishing a book !!!! What a beautiful accomplishment. I enjoy your music, your inner expressions, turned outward. A writer I have learned plenty from and you might enjoy her, Michelle Kulp. I do believe you will like her mindset. Wonderful to read, love is joining you at the breakfast table. Have some darn fun on your travels. Get some sunshine on your Vitamin D maker. Create some new memories with your heart and smile.

Replying to

Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts and words!

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