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Your energy matters! xo

What I've been learning and applying in my life is this: Since we are all made up of energy, we have the inherent creative power to shift our energy (and therefore our experience) at any moment. If we keep replaying the stories and limiting beliefs we've held, then we will get the same results over and over again. It is our responsibility to gain awareness about the auto-pilot we often function on, and to choose differently. We can reprogram and rewire our subconscious. It's all about awareness, deciding, and then taking action to replace the old patterns with new healthier ones that serve our growth and well-being. ------------------------ November 3, 2022:

I was walking on a trail this morning, after a grounding meditation that started my day. I felt so connected to my Self and to my surroundings. I had stopped to observe these teeny red flowers on a small tree that were wilting in the autumn season. I had never seen this exact tree or flower before and I was so curious about it. I stopped to look at it, to enjoy its beauty and to just notice it. A few minutes later someone walked past me and observed "You're enjoying the journey", to which I replied: "I am, indeed."

What I've learned is that it doesn't take much to shift into alignment, to be aware and grounded and present. Focusing on one thing: your breath, a flower, the feeling of your feet walking on the earth - whatever it is for you. Whatever gets you into this present moment. It takes a moment of awareness, and then 2-3 minutes to shift your attention and energy - that's all!

On the same hike, I saw an 18-month-old toddler sitting in a stroller guided by his mom. In his hands was a maple leaf - glorious colors right now! - and the focus, awareness and intensity of that child was so beautiful to observe. It was such a moment of clarity, and connection - really being in the present moment studying that leaf. It was such an honor to witness the simplicity and power of that.

I am guiding mindfulness workshops every month and invite you to attend one at my home. The next few are Wednesday November 16 at 7:30 pm, December 3 at Noon, and December 7 at 7:30 pm. This hour, that is meant to honor and nurture your Self, is a combination of breathwork and using your voice to create inner peace. These two beautiful tools that are built-in to our bodies, hold such power for transforming our energy and our experience.

You can RSVP here to attend one of the sessions - donations are welcome but not required.

One extra note: I have learned simple and powerful techniques for getting grounded and clear in real time. I will be sharing these ideas, tools and techniques with you in a new digital course. This 5 module course is designed to help support you in becoming aware of your energy, noticing how you would like to feel, and transforming the energy so that you can experience great joy, gratitude, peace and passion in your life. Coming in 2023!

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