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The perfect Mother's Day gift: Time for self-care

Hello, my dear one.

I do hope this post finds you well.

It's amazing that it's already mid-April and May is just around the corner.

This year, on May 8 (Mother's Day) at 2PM, I am offering a special class at Threehouse Studios on Morehead Avenue in Durham. This is a class that I have designed that supports and nurtures you, heart and soul. I invite you to give yourself this gift of time and space to access your voice, your heart, and your wisdom.

This is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves: to radically care for our body and soul, so that we may continue to care for those we love in a healthy and sustainable way.

So please join me, you amazing people who give so much to so many, all the time. You do not have to be a mother. You just have to be YOU. Because you are worthy of your own self-care and nurturing. And I will make sure you leave the class feeling supported, heard, and cared for. You will feel relaxed, recharged and ready to listen to your inner knowing.

Please bring a journal or notebook and pen to class. You can sign up on the MindBody app or get registration info here.

Sending so much love, and honoring all you are and all you accomplish.


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