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The hummingbird‘s wings

The ultimate illusion.

We look around and we perceive our physical world. It’s beautiful. Also: it’s a vibration, one that is slow enough for us to readily access with our human senses. Everything around us, including us, is energy. {scientific fact :-) }

Now think of a hummingbird's wings. You know they are there, but when they are moving, vibrating so quickly, you can’t actually perceive them. Not as easily, at least.

This is how it is with the energetic field, the higher vibration plane that we can feel but sometimes cannot physically discern with our eyes.

Discerning or accessing that higher energetic vibration takes attention, focus and practice for most. But access, we can. And the energy is always there, even if we cannot see it.

This is what I love about Consciousness. About our realities. Perception=reality, and so if we want our reality to change, we must choose to perceive in a new way.

Powerful, liberating notion.

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