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WomanSpeak at Work


Immersive Experience

WomanSpeak offers a safe, sacred space to explore your voice, your truth, and your message. We are a supportive community of women who are here to celebrate your journey and your growth.

I am passionate about supporting other women as they step into their power, and embrace their deep wisdom and gifts.

Experience true and joyful celebration of your authentic voice while in the presence of other brilliant women.

​Come and experience the fundamental basics of what WomanSpeak is about and what makes this program SO POWERFUL.

​The core diamond insight that WomanSpeak offers will change how you think about public speaking or communicating with others for the rest of your life.

​You will practice some of our powerful pre-speaking rituals and experience what it feels like to be celebrated. You will be able to put what you learn into practice IMMEDIATELY!

This is powerful, profound, transformational work for women in the workplace environment.
This 12-week immersive program elevates clarity, confidence and professionalism in the art of public speaking for women leaders. 

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