Custom Songwriting: 

Have a special occasion or a special someone that you want a song written for? Well, it’s your lucky day. Seasoned songwriter Karen Novy is now offering custom songwriting. There’s nothing like a personalized, REAL song to touch someone’s heart. You give Karen some details and she will write you the song.  Please get in touch if you’d like more details. Contact KN below.

Lyrics/song remain copyright of the composer. The recording of the song is what you are purchasing. 

Only $199 for your first custom song

TV and Film Soundtrack Composing:

KN Music offers compositions and recordings to enhance your next film project. Want to underscore a tender love scene? Got it. Want instrumental music to follow your character though the airport? Got it. Want a rocker for a night scene? We can do. Want a sweet lullaby? Check. 

Vocal or instrumental music. A catalog of over 100 original songs to choose from. 

Original ideas generated to tailor fit your storyline. Your project.

Contact KN below.

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